Non-personal use of Your Heart Forecast (Consumer version)?

This tool is intended for personal use by people who want to check their own heart health. We are sorry, your usage does not appear to be that of personal use. – If you need the tool for clinical or workplace base use – click here.

If we have got things wrong and we’ve misinterpreted your usage you can request that we remove any blocking which may be in place, you’ll need to make contact with us by phone (on [NZ freephone] 0800 773342) and have a brief chat with us.

Press option 2 when you hear the prompts, then please state ‘I’m a consumer using the Your Heart Forecast tool, through KnowYourNumbers and my usage is now being blocked, can you please open this back up for me?’ – They will ask you some further details and we’ll get this sorted for you as quickly as possible.

To help things along, if you click on this link to obtain your ‘IP Address’ it will help us significantly if you could know this before calling, it will help us to locate your usage details.

Thank you, sorry for the interruption.