Implementation History

The Heart Forecast was piloted in over 40 practices (from ProCare, Manaia, Te Tai Tokerau, Whangaroa, Kaipara Care, Tihewa Mauriora, Hauora Hokianga PHOs) in Auckland and Northland in March-April 2009. Feedback has been very positive and indicates that this tool significantly supports CVD risk communication and shared decision making. A concurrent evaluation assessing GP and practice nurse understanding of and confidence in explaining CVD risk is being undertaken and results will be available later in 2009. A further study investigating the impact on patients/consumers is planned.

The latest versions, released in 2014 allow for transmission of a patient’s case from the Clincal version, into the Consumer’s version. A data transfer using a personalised invitation and ‘Key’ sent by SMS or email to the consumer during the clinical consultation (at no cost to the provider or the end user) has been created implemented. They also incorporate the latest CVD Guidance changes which introduced a band between 10-20% where the patient is expected to play an active, and informed part in treatment decisions.

The Clincial version of YHF has more than 3,500 uses per month within New Zealand. (Feb 2014).

A historic view of the information flow (from 2012-2018) within the YHF tools is shown in theĀ diagram here.
(Contained for reference only, this is no longer implemented as of 19th Feb, 2018)