A number of medical journal publications have been made on the Your Heart Forecast, contributed by the clinical group behind the tool:

  • Wells S, Kerr A, Broadbent E, MacKenzie C, Cole K. Does Your Heart Forecast help practitioner understanding and confidence with cardiovascular disease risk communication? JPHC 2011;3:4-9.
  • Wells S and Kerr A, Eadie S, Wiltshire C, Jackson R ‘Your Heart Forecast’: a new approach for describing and communicating cardiovascular risk? Heart 2010; 96:708-713.
  • A. Kerr, A. Mustafa, M. Sculley, E. Broadbent, S. Wells. Your Heart Forecast Tool Patient Evaluation: A Randomised Controlled Trial. Heart, Lung and Circulation 07/2013; 22(7):562. DOI:10.1016/j.hlc.2013.04.036 · 1.44

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