This tool has been developed by:

  • Dr Sue Wells and Dr Andrew Kerr – School of Population Health, University of Auckland, NZ.
  • Chris Wiltshire, Andy Biggs, Avijit Khetarpal – Enigma Solutions Limited, NZ.

Updates to the tools have been supported by:

  • Heart Foundation of NZ (and Tango Communications).
  • School of Population Health, University of Auckland, NZ.
  • Clinic based test users from ProCare and Northland PHOs, NZ.

Please contact [email protected] for further information.


The Your Heart Forecast tool is an original creation, dating from 2008.

It is the result of a collaborative effort between:

  • The University of Auckland, School of Population Health (SoPH),
  • Enigma Solutions Limited,
  • The Heart Foundation of NZ.

It is a derivation of previous IP contributed by the University of Auckland SoPH and Enigma who are the owners of the tool.

Full copyright and all other commercial rights to the Your Heart Forecast tools are retained by the owners of the tool, no re-use of the tool or the concepts within the tool is permitted without expressed written permission.