Licensing Explained

  • When you purchase a license subscription you buy it through a PayPal account.
  • Your PayPal account has an email address associated with it (this may not be what you think it is if you have multiple email accounts, so be sure to check the email listed on the PayPal receipt when you get it). This is the email under which your license is issued.
  • When you activate Your Heart Forecast, you use this email address to do so.
  • If you want to, you can let others also use your same email address, it will activate multiple copies without any issue.
  • When you share your email activation across a number of seats, all uses of the software cumulate within your usage count. If you see your overall usage count increasing beyond what you yourself are causing, it will be due to other users who you have shared your details with.
  • If within the active subscription period you have exhausted your usage allowance, you may cancel your active subscription and start a new one. This will have the effect of toping up your account with a full new usage allowence giving you a fresh new period in which to use it. This period will start on the day when you take out your new subscription.
  • All users who have used a shared activation email will not be able to use the tool if there is no allowence left within your plan. If you renew your subscription using the same email address, then all users who share your activation will then be able to continue using the tool unhindered. They will not need to perform any re-activation if the shared subscription is extended.

Other tips

  • If you find yourself regularly exceeding your licensed usage; you could consider going up one level in the licensing plans to prevent you hitting your entire usage limit each month.

Other Q & As

  • Q: What constitutes a ‘use’?
    A: Each time you start the tool up counts as a use. – We’ve kept things as simple as possible.
  • Q: Can I buy any other kind of license?
    A: Yes, but the only kinds of license which you can buy online, and through paypal are these simple, periodic licenses. If you need to buy something else this can be arranged by email. You can pay using pay-pal using a normal payment method, rather than using one of our subscription options. Once we receive your payment, we will apply a customised subscription for you. – This could, for example allow you 2,500 uses over a year, rather than a smaller count expiring in a shorter period. We will consider requests for adhoc licenses on an individual basis. – Email us and ask. [email protected]
  • Q: How can I examine my usage??
    A: You can request a usage report (online) which will be sent to your email address. This will summarise each of the licenses bought by you along with each of the individual uses which your license was put to. You can request a copy of this report by entering your email address here