NZ Public Health

Clinical users of PREDICT CVD Diabetes (and a number of other approved decision support tools) have direct, and integrated access to Your Heart Forecast.

  • Enigma will continue to maintain and offer the Your Heart Forecast toolset for those users under new commercial agreements which will commence when new versions of the tools are released.
  • Enigma also offers these tools into the Workplace, within PREDICT Workplace options.
  • The University of Auckland and Enigma Solutions Limited, continue to operate under a collaborative partnership to develop and support these tools.
  • For those currently permitted (registered) users who were regularly using the YHF tool from the NHF website, we have an alternative available for you, please use this URL instead: – please update your bookmarks.

With the release of the Consensus Statement on 14th Feb, 2018 – the MoH introduced new guidance which will be applied to the risk assessment and management of CVD for New Zealanders. The Heart Foundation also released their own set of accompanying information including an FAQ.

This guidance includes the use of new ‘New Zealand Risk Prediction Equations’ which are based on the PREDICT cohort study, conducted by the same group from University of Auckland, School of Population Health that partner with Enigma over YHF.

Soon, new NZ specific algorithms will be available and implemented within the YHF toolset, and also through the ‘Your Heart Engine‘ tools, created by Enigma. – The YHF and YHE offering will be made jointly available to any third party tool vendors who wish to make use of these tools, under commercial arrangements.